Découvrez un établissement qui ne manquera pas de vous faire oublier les affres de la vie quotidienne.

La Villa Saint-Antoine est un lieu « à part », intime, confortable…

Villa Saint-Antoine


With our three dining concepts, you will always find a destination that fulfill your desires.


Wine Bar & cocktails

A destination for classics and VSA specially crafted cocktails, paired with an offering of refined bites and our cigars selection. Let us share this experience with you.


Les terrasses

Les terrasses welcome everyone to enjoy their casual time with families, friends and colleagues, from lunch to dinner with selected cuts of meat cooked over an open fire, and fresh vegetables from our garden.


Le restaurant

Villa Saint Antoine offers you a fine dining experience at ''Le Restaurant'' for anyone seeking to set their imagination free and discover new culinary horizons.


Living far but in need of stepping out to experience the culinary world? Worry no more, at Villa Saint Antoine, we provide an awesome dining experience as well as a comfortable stay to fulfil your expectations within just one drive.

Organic Garden

The organic garden has been developed since the beginning of the restaurant project. We plant vegetables, fruits and flowers seamlessly in one garden. From there, organic fruits and vegetables are brought to the kitchen and the resulting waste is returned for further processing into organic compost with all respects to the land. Having an organic garden is the answer for Villa Saint Antoine’s future sustainability and the value that we have for our guests’ well-being.

Family Time

We are more than happy to welcome your children, 4 years of age and above, they will be greeted with attentive care alongside appropriate entertainment. For summer, kids can be outside enjoying the sun in our adventurous playground while during winter, they can stay warm and play inside our game room.


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